The 2017 Hamptons Style Guide


Hamptons style is a home decorating style originating in the famous seaside escape for the rich and famous outside New York City. Hamptons style interiors exude understated elegance. This style is perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle, climate and our architectural style. If you are looking to freshen up your home with a Hamptons style interior, simply follow the style guide below.


Hamptons Style Colour Palette

Hamptons style is influenced by nature and is categorised by neutral linens, warm whites, muted greens, and of a range of blue tones. White furniture is typically seen as Hamptons Style, but American designers will often select deep warm timber tones and black accents to add depth and character. You might want to consider some darker furniture such as a black coffee table or timber dining set to anchor the space and add character.


Creating Symmetry and balance

Hamptons interiors are all about creating an inviting atmosphere. This is achieved by creating a sense of a balance and symmetry. Creating a focal point will bring a room together. You might consider adding a feature mirror above a console or sideboard or a feature coffee table at the centre of a room.


Hamptons Style Furniture.

The Hamptons is a place to escape and relax. The interiors inspired by this region are all about comfort and luxury. Consider some generous sofas such as Xavier’s timeless Amsterdam design which is the perfect piece to give your home that classic Hamptons aesthetic. This fabulous piece captures the essence of Hamptons Style interiors and similar pieces can often be found amongst the pages of Architectural digest. Team this classic sofa with different occasional chairs to create an interesting look with different textures.


Hamptons Style Details

Compliment larger classic Hamptons style pieces with small elegant touches. A great example is Xavier’s beautifully crafted ceramics and ginger jars which add an element of well-travelled style to your home. Create small vignettes of unique collected items around the house such as shells, coral, books and brass figurines.

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