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Xavier Furniture (An Exclusive Brand for Exclusive Clients)


Founded in 2004 by Wendy Neilson, Xavier Furniture manufactures and supplies unique furniture pieces specifically designed for the Australian Interior Design and Decorating industry.  Our product can be found in residential homes, commercial projects, boutique hotels and restaurants, along with aged care and retirement fit-outs. 


Xavier Furniture is hand crafted using methods handed down from generations of furniture craftsman.  Selecting the finest hardwoods, from renewable sources, we offer stability and durability only seen in finely crafted furniture.  To accommodate large quantity orders for Hotels and Commercial Projects, we also boast our own offshore manufacturing facility.



Xavier Furniture is predominantly manufactured from solid mahogany timber that is plantation grown and kiln dried.  Some painted pieces include MDF for its extreme resistance to weather and humidity; this is not a cost saving exercise. Features include dove tail joints on drawers and many of our pieces feature hand carved detail. 



At Xavier Furniture, Australia we offer a 1 year domestic warranty.


Product Care

Please use the following information as a guide.  We suggest you test your polish on an inconspicuous area before applying to the full piece.

* Polish your furniture regularly using a clean, soft, dry, lint free cloth, rubbing the polish in the direction of the grain.

* For Walnut, Chocolate and Black Stain pieces, we suggest Marveer polish.

* Avoid silicone based products.

* Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.

* Artificial heating and cooling can cause movement in timber furniture.  Avoid placing furniture adjacent to heating or cooling outlets.

* It is recommended that a vase of water is kept in the room to assist the timber furniture in retaining moisture.

* Avoid placing furniture directly under windows.

* Avoid placing plastic materials (lamp bases, ornaments, etc) directly onto your furniture as certain plastics contain ingredients that may react with and damage the finish.

* Protective padding or a glass top is strongly recommended when using your furniture as a writing surface.

* Clean up spills quickly. Water left over a period of time may cause damage. Alcohol, perfume, nail polishes, aftershave and some medications may cause severe finish damage if not cleaned immediately.


Please view our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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