Coast Stylish Living, Cairns

Set in tropical North Queensland where natural beauty is in abundance, the stunning city of Cairns is known for its lush rainforests and pristine beaches.

Furniture and Home Decor store, Coast Stylish Living, is one of Xavier’s leading stockists situated in the Cairns suburb of Stratford, where sunshine is plentiful, and the afternoons stretch into stunning orange sunsets. Coast Stylish Living has embodied the warm tropics using Xavier Furniture ranges to embrace the Cairns lifestyle.

We spoke with Coast Stylish Living owner, Janine Bruno about her experience working with Xavier, her sense of style, and how she uses Xavier ranges to embody the elegant, tropical theme her clients are often seeking.

What inspired you to pursue a career in interior design?

I’ve always been passionate about the whole design project from renovating to home styling and design aesthetics. I enjoy the journey of having a canvas you can build upon, creating something that is uniquely you. I love being able to create beautiful spaces that are functional and timeless. That’s why I like Xavier Furniture, for its blend of luxury, functionality, and comfort that ensures a living space is as inviting as it is stylish.

What interior design styles are you drawn to?

I do enjoy an eclectic mix of styles including classic and contemporary, but because we live in the tropics I’m often drawn to coastal design. I spent many years living in Los Angeles and came to love the crisp LA style but living in Cairns now I appreciate the calming coastal vibe. I think your geographical location has a bearing on what style attracts you, helping create that sense of lifestyle. That’s why Xavier is outstanding in their ranges, they are unique, timeless and blend with various interior design themes, such as modern, classic, and contemporary. Those universal pieces can stay with you for many years.

What made you choose to work with Xavier Furniture? 

We wanted to work with Xavier as it’s a wonderful fit for Coast Stylish Living. We pride ourselves on presenting beautiful brands with quality, sustainable furniture. We have quite a lot of Xavier on our showroom floor and it’s always well-received by clients who can see the expert craftsmanship and detail. Xavier has exquisite, classic pieces that are unique to the area, there’s nothing like it in Cairns.