How do you define a client’s sense of style?

By Andrea Davison – Interior Designer & Owner of Jemden Interiors


Understanding a client’s sense of style is key to creating successful, beautiful interiors, with home design a form of self-expression that creates the desired mood and tone for a space.


Andrea Davison, owner of Melbourne-based Jemden Interiors, has been recognising her client’s individual style for almost 20 years, specialising in modern Hamptons and decorating homes with signature pieces from Xavier Furniture.


We chatted with Andrea about how she connects with her client’s style.


Tell us about Jemden Interior Design


Our design focus is Hamptons style with a modern twist, adding colour and texture to create beautiful, practical and liveable spaces.


I begin my client’s journey by asking them to create an inspiration board of rooms they love to ensure we are aligned in our understanding of the mood we’re creating.


How has Xavier Furniture helped you achieve your design approach?


I find my clients are focused on quality and creating beautiful, modern spaces with personality. Xavier Furniture has wonderful, upmarket pieces that fit the client’s brief and deliver elegance.


Many appreciate the modern Hamptons style and are motivated by comfort and practicality, as well as beauty and mood. We’ve incorporated Xavier Furniture to bring pops of colour and storage in sophisticated pieces, like a buffet or sideboard.


What feedback have you received when you’ve used Xavier Furniture?


I incorporated a beautiful Xavier dining setting in a home in Donvale, Victoria, for a couple that wanted an elegant, formal setting.

They needed a large table for a big family and were open to a formal design with bold pops of colour including white, blue, black and gold accents.


The Xavier Knightsbridge dining table was perfect for bringing the desired elegance to the space and the client was very impressed. It was a beautiful result and they love the brand.