The Power of Colour and Detail

By Lloyd Hodgkinson – Interior Designer & Owner of Oliver Mark Interiors

It takes a keen eye for design to bring together various bold colours, differing styles and elaborate patterns – and make it work. That is art, and you can absolutely consider Interior Designer Lloyd Hodgkinson from Oliver Mark Interiors to be an artist.

Starting his career as an understudy of multi-award winning Interior Designer John Croft, Lloyd learnt the beauty of eclectic styling with elaborate colours worked brilliantly together to create a room filled with surprise, delight and beauty.

Now, leading the way in eclectic style with his own successful design practice, Lloyd says clients come to him to create a beautiful mood for their space with quality pieces that reflect expert detail.

“My clients often come to me because they want a point of difference, with colour, texture and a blending of styles through quality pieces that are expertly made and I have used Xavier Furniture for this reason,” says Lloyd.

“I like the warmth and coziness that detailed furniture gives a room and Xavier Furniture’s pieces embody this, with elongated legs and finishes that are stylish and elegant, while also having a price point that’s attractive to clients.”

Lloyd says creating a mood for the room is an essential part of interior design and using colour can spark an emotive response, such as a sense of joy and relaxation, encouraging an individual to pause and enjoy.

“I love colour and being able to sew different hues together and incorporate them into a space can bring a room to life and give it purpose,” says Lloyd

“I’ve been working on a project in Cairns for several years now, transforming each room and creating a journey through colourful design.

“We’ve used vibrant Xavier pieces to bring boldness and style as there aren’t other Australian brands with this luxury detailing, which is where it is leading the way in this space. Being an Australian owned brand is also another big plus that my clients love.”