Designing Beyond The Trend

Timeless elegance, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary styles is the ethos of both Xavier Furniture and new stockist, Sherwood Design.

The interior design firm in Highgate, West Australia, has been creating beautiful spaces for over 20 years, weaving together lasting styles that exude sophistication and refinement.

Director of Sherwood Design, Gabrielle Sherwood, says the company has worked with Xavier for more than a decade and represented them as a stockist since last year, with the two luxury brands well aligned in their sense of style.

“The alignment between Sherwood Design and Xavier Furniture is a really beautiful fit,” says Gabrielle.

“Both brands believe in producing unique pieces that are expertly designed and crafted, and endure a design life cycle, rather than pieces that are just part of a trend. They extend beyond the now.”

Like Xavier Furniture, Sherwood Design began as a family business and continues today with mum and daughter team, Rose and Gabby.

Gabrielle says their long-standing history in interior design has led to a client base that are discerning, aspirational and considered in their selection, with Xavier Furniture perfectly suited to their needs.

“Our clients want pieces that embody character but have a fresh feel and Xavier Furniture is a wonderful fit for their design palette,” says Gabrielle.

“The ability to custom upholster Xavier’s sofas and chairs allows the individuality and uniqueness that our clients are wanting.

“We’ve had such wonderful, positive feedback regarding Xavier. Clients understand the investment because they are such exquisite pieces and settle into spaces beautifully.”

The partnership between Xavier and Sherwood Design is set to elevate the concept of luxury living, bringing together expert design, craftsmanship, and style. As their new West Australian stockist, Sherwood Design, represents a meeting of minds and a shared commitment to excellence in luxury and sophistication.