Fine Dining and Fine Furniture combine, creating an unforgettable experience

Be transported to a bygone era of relaxed elegance of a century past, dining on the terrace and indulging in cocktails along the riverbank, at the Award-Winning Tweed River House restaurant, decorated by Xavier Furniture.

Set in a magnificently restored century-old home in northern NSW, the elegant bistro has embodied the warm tropics with Xavier Furniture used throughout the dining rooms.

We’ve spoken with Tweed River House Restaurant owner Gregory Lording about his experience working with us to create a 1930s Raffles-style aesthetic for his venue.


Describe the theme you have chosen for the venue, and what inspired this theme?

We went with British Colonial and southern Louisiana themed spaces, which are reminiscent of days gone by and a gentler time and pace.

I grew up in Indonesia and Singapore and was inspired by my love of quality pieces of furniture made in rattan, mahogany and teak.


How did Xavier Furniture help complete this look?

The furniture we have chosen, with the help of Xavier, is all part of the experience of dining at Tweed River House. It’s not like visiting other venues with mass produced furniture – our pieces have been selected for character and comfort.

What we love about the chairs we chose from Xavier is they are not only stylish but also practical, with ample cushioning for comfort, which makes the whole place feel more like home.

Our Palm Lounge features amazing Grand Bahamas chairs, which are perfect to sink in to while enjoying one of our cocktails.

In our dining room we have bamboo patterned Caribbean chairs, which we have covered in a soothing green fabric, paired with matching carver chairs to give the heads of the table a regal feel.

The verandah boasts the comfortable, well designed Terrace rattan chairs which perfectly suit the environment, allowing guests to dine overlooking the hinterland and river.


Why did you decide to work with Xavier when furnishing Tweed River House?

We wanted to work with an Australian-owned company, for ease of communication. We were impressed by their range of quality products, and liked the fact they had their own manufacturing plant overseas.


Were there any special requirements when selecting/ creating furniture for the restaurant?

The Xavier Furniture had to complement a range of imported heritage décor, which adds another point of difference to the restaurant.

We have a 200 year old cabinet from China, a 175 year old home altar from France, a 120 year old armoire from an antique store and a statement chandelier imported from London to hang under our century-old restored pressed metal ceiling that was imported from New York in 1906 when the River House was built.

Xavier was tasked with delivering furniture to fit seamlessly with this eclectic heritage collection, and they were able to achieve this.


What do you think of the end result?

The Xavier team was very professional and their expertise in assisting with selecting pieces was fantastic. Their fabric range and help with finding the right match to go with each piece was also invaluable.

I wanted to adjust the size of some of our side tables and they were so helpful with any requests. They kept in contact throughout the order, build, shipping and delivery process and were very reliable.

It was a seamless experience – we could tell we were dealing with experts who have gone the distance.