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Hamptons Style Furniture

Created to channel comfort, elegance and luxury, Hamptons style furniture is personified by simple, light colours, stylish wood, crisp white and luxurious linen. Hamptons style furniture is a popular option for a light and airy home, making it possible to channel chic, summery vibes all year long.

Inspired by the contemporary coastal elegance found in the Hamptons of east New York City, Hamptons style is a sophisticated take on country meets the seaside. At Xavier Furniture, our Hamptons style furniture has a timeless quality that promotes the feeling of relaxed beach-front living.

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Hamptons style decorating celebrates summertime and coastal getaways. Our Hamptons style sofas, dining room tables, side tables, and entertainment units are classic examples of Hamptons style décor and are the perfect partner to elegant interiors for Australian homes.

At Xavier Furniture we offer unique pieces of timeless elegance, each carefully designed with attention to detail and scale. From residential homes and commercial projects, to boutique hotels and restaurants, our Hamptons style furniture will create an atmosphere of elegance and charm.